From the heart of Eurasia to the heart of Europe | Debreceni Egyetem

From the heart of Eurasia to the heart of Europe

From the heart of Eurasia to the heart of Europe.

With the support and cooperation of KazNPU and the University of Debrecen, masters of 2nd year faculty "Pedagogy and Psychology" Ibraimova Aisulu and "Special education " Kalymova Aigerim, were studied during the academic semester at the department of "Education of children and adults" at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. University of Debrecen - Debreceni Egyetem is one of the top research university in Hungary, as well as one of the most rapidly developing knowledge centers in Central and Eastern Europe. The latest statistics show that the Debrecen University is in the top 600 best universities in the world.

Study abroad from the field of impossible dreams become a real opportunity for us. Through the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, we had the great opportunity to receive and to exchange knowledge and experience on an international level. Within 5 months, we have completed a course of 11 subjects were able to pass teaching practice and participate in scientific conferences. In the process of academic exchange, we received a huge base of both theoretical, practical knowledge and innovations.

Certainly, it is important to note that the program "Erasmus" - is not just getting deep, most practical and applicable knowledge, but also this is a unique experience of exploring the other country, culture, communicate and collaborate with colleagues from around the world and many issues and problems related to education, globalization, integration, and many other important aspects and trends.

Allow us to list the advantages and skills acquired in the course of Erasmus program. We have received life lessons, since, living in another country, surrounded by of other ethnic groups with their traditions and peculiarities, was a kind of test of our flexibility and ability to adapt. At the same time, it has allowed combine learning and getting a bright experience. As a result, most of it prepared us to the realities of the work on the international level.

We have created a network of international contacts among teachers and future education professionals, and other specialties. Studying with students and learning from professors all over the world, we have received a large audience recognize and interested about Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan education system, culture, history, and other industries.

Education at the University of Debrecen gave us the opportunity to learn and improve foreign language (English and Hungarian) by immersion method. This is also important and useful advantage of Erasmus program.

Let us express sincere gratitude for the friendly reception and hospitality, which was organized by the University of Debrecen. As well we express our gratitude for the help, support, invitations, organization department "Academic Mobility" to Nemes Magdolna. Sincere gratitude for the financial support that we have had, we want to express to the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai.

We really hope that this short and brief information will inspire and motivate students of GFK to try passing their documents to Erasmus program, because we can promise that it will positively change their worldview, life and future.

Frissítés dátuma: 2017.10.06.

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