When I’m in Debrecen, I feel at home


Aida Ismailzhanova

Pedagogy MA

Abay Kazakh National University, Almaty



When I’m in Debrecen, I feel at home

Why did you come to the Faculty of Education for Children and Special Educational Needs of the University of Debrecen, Hungary? What made you want to study in Hajdúböszörmény?

My major is primary school education, but when I was informed that UD can provide Erasmus in the Faculty of Early Childhood Education (ECEC) and Special Educational Need (SEN), I thought that it’s a perfect opportunity to dig deeper into more specific field which is directly connected to my future career.

  1. What did you study here?

Doing my Erasmus for one whole academic year (2 semesters) I took almost all available courses for foreign students, such as Intercultural Nights, Playful English, Research Methodology, Comparative education in Europe, PE, Practical training in kindergarten etc.

  1. My best experince at the University / in Hungary

The university and teachers are distinguished by their attitude to students. Attempts to create a safe learning environment deserve a lot of respect. If teachers see struggles, they try to help. If they see the desire to do more, than it’s written in syllabus, they provide such opportunity. That’s what happened to me, dr.Nemes Magdolna helped me to be involved in different activities: to hold a class in University, to be part of the class in SEN school, give presentations about my Erasmus experience.

  1. My worst experience

I am not sure that there is anything what I could name as a “worst” experience. I faced some difficulties in the beginning with paper procedures and some burocracy in immigration office, but in general I consider them as a daily staffs to solve.Not a big deal. 

  1. I will never forget …..
  • Kindness and readiness to help from all teachers who I had luck to work with, especially

the Erasmus coordinators – dr.Magdolna Nemes and Ms.Gargya Katalin.

  • Our Erasmus floor in Kossuth dormitory;
  • Getting acquinted with national traditions, history, cuisine;
  • Parties, organized for Erasmus students and Hungarian Parties as well.
  1. Your friend wants to do Erasmus in Hungary. What would you tell him/her?

You never know until you try.


Nemes Magdolna

21 Feb 2023

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